Shannon Trust’s Spring appeal

Megan Jackson
May 1, 2022

Being unable to read is more common than you think.


Shannon Trust supports thousands of adults to read every year, but 16% of people in the community, and 57% of people in prison still either can’t read, or struggle to.


By donating to our Spring appeal, you can help change lives.  


There are a lot of reasons why someone might not have learned to read. This can be because of learning difficulties, a troubled home life, low family literacy or struggling in school. It often leads to feelings of shame, embarrassment or exclusion.


Andrew learned to read through Shannon Trust and is now supporting other people to learn.


“Learning to read gave me some responsibility. It was hard work, but now I’ve done loads of courses, including a drug treatment course.


“Now I help others to learn. I help them fill in application forms, I help with getting their meds. When I see a person can read, and I’ve taught them how to read, it makes me so happy.


“When I was learning, I told my mum what I was doing, she was over the moon. She’s very proud of me. Another mentor was on a visit next to me and my mum. He said to her: ‘he does this prison proud, you should be very proud of him.’ And she was.  


“Being involved with Shannon Trust has been very important tome, it gives me great pride.”


Your gift could help more people like Andrew.


Donate to transform someone’s life today


Just £35 could provide a learner with a full set of Turning Pages manuals, helping them to build a more positive future for themselves. These manuals could take someone from never having read a word, to being able to read books, letters from loved ones and being able to complete job applications.


With your support, we can get closer to our vision where nobody is left out of learning.


Why give to Shannon Trust?


Our reading programme enables more people in prison to gain a fundamental skill that they need to navigate daily life. It provides prisoners with access to education, training and rehabilitative courses that will help them to address their offending, gain new skills and to move into employment.

Your donation will go towards supporting thousands of people in prison and in the community to learn to read, completely transforming their lives.


Donate today and support our work.

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