15% of adults in the community struggle to read.

Shannon Trust has partnered with a number of services in the community to help them learn through our Turning Pages manuals, with the help of volunteer reading coaches and self study resources. The programme is tailored to the learner, and is run in the way that works best for them. Through our community work, we are developing pathways to help learners and mentors continue working with Shannon Trust after they have been released from prison.

How it works

Stack of book with person reading behind them

We provide partner services with the tools and resources to deliver their own community reading programme.

  • Staff, volunteers or mentors from partner organisations can access training to support them to become reading coaches. Reading coaches work on a one to one basis with their learner in short, regular sessions.
  • Learners set their own goals, go at their own pace, and take breaks as they need to, plus there are no exams and no classrooms.
  • The programme is free to all learners. They can choose between one to one learning with a reading coach, or self study through a variety of resources.
  • Resources include our unique, evidence based Turning Pages reading manuals.

The benefits


Not being able to read affects more people than you think, yet learning can be a powerful springboard into so many other opportunities. It can:

  • make day to day life easier and safer for the learner and those around them
  • help learners better engage with support services
  • break the cycle of low literacy which often runs in families 
  • be the first step into further learning and employment
  • reduce reoffending and improve communities

We believe everyone deserves another chance and has the potential to create a positive future in which they can thrive.

Work with us

If your organisation would like to discuss partnering with us to make this support available to your clients, please get in touch.

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