We believe nobody should be left out of learning.

Our reading and numeracy programmes are available in all prisons across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also work with partner organisations in the community to deliver our programmes.

Did you know that over 60% of people in prison can’t read, or struggle to?

Turning Pages, our evidence based reading manuals, enables people to learn in a way that best suits them – either one to one or through self study resources. Our flexible, informal approach even suits those who have never read a word before. And our numeracy programme, Count Me In, works in a similar way. Learning to read and improving numeracy skills can be a powerful springboard into so many other opportunities, in fact, 9 out of 10 Shannon Trust learners take up further education.

We believe in rehabilitation and know that for many, learning to read and understand numbers plays a key role. It has a transformative impact on the life of the individual and those around them, which in turn can lead to reduced reoffending and a better society.

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A mentor and a learning going though one of the Turning Pages manuals

We know a lot of people have had bad learning experiences in the past, so our programmes are designed to be different. Find out how it works, and how you or someone you know can get involved.

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