Nick’s story: learning with Turning Pages Digital

April 30, 2024

Before starting with Turning Pages Digital, I did everything by pictures and words were alien. I could not break them down. Everyone read for me if it was official or not official.


I was a bit lazy but I was also scared of reading and could not understand bigger words or how to break them down. I wanted to be able to read my own letters and pick up and read forms.


Before I had my first session, I was afraid of what I was going to be asked to do. I had a fear of education and did not know what the mentor would be like. After the first session, it felt a lot easier.


Since starting the programme, I can read my own letters. I can read information myself and don’t need someone to read for me. I feel good about it. I didn’t realise how much difference it made. I read everything from all the road signs as I am driving. I take in the information. I read without thinking about it.


It just helps with everyday life. Being able to pick anything up and just read it. It gives me privacy to read my own things. It gives me more control. I can now use a satnav with confidence.


My reading coach is easy to get on with and she makes me feel comfortable. It is like working with a mate and coming in to see a friend.


This programme is absolutely brilliant. It has been the best thing ever. I never felt I wanted it to be over and now it is finished I feel really good about myself.

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