Shannon Trust fulfils an unmet need around adult learning, supporting people who have fallen through the cracks in formal education.

We know a lot of people have had negative learning experiences in the past, so our programme is designed to be different, with no exams and no classrooms. Our unique, evidence based Turning Pages reading manuals are used by thousands of learners in prisons and the community. 

Established for over 20 years, we support people who can read to teach those who can’t, in prisons and communities.

Learning to read has a huge impact – not just on the person learning to read, but on everyone around them; whether that's their mentor, their family and friends, prison or service staff, or the wider community.

Find out how Shannon Trust transforms lives by supporting disadvantaged people to learn to read, and the difference it makes.

The impact of learning to read

What we do

We believe everyone deserves another chance and has the potential to create a positive future in which they can thrive.

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