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Write to us at Freepost SHANNON TRUST

Call us on 020 3764 5250.

If you work in a prison and have a question about the reading programme, you can contact your Regional Manager:

Paula Harrison, North West and West Midlands
Milly Connelly, North East and Northern Ireland
Verity McLelland, South West England and Wales

Laura Cartledge, South East

Aisling Ruff, East of England and East Midlands

James Argent, Programme development and quality manager

For any enquiries about our work in the community, email Scott Haines.

If you are a former learner or mentor and would like to join our alumni programme, please contact Laura Cartledge.

If you have any questions about Turning Pages Digital, please email Chloe Bradbury.

To enquire about fundraising for Shannon Trust: fundraising@shannontrust.org.uk

Are you working on a story or have a media enquiry? Get in touch at media@shannontrust.org.uk

Please note that we are a small team and will try to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.