Turning Pages is a fresh, easy way for adults to learn to read, at their own pace.

The manuals can be used one to one with a friend, family member or other mentor, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

Jen’s story

Turning Pages is changing lives like Jen’s. Aged 30 and with 5 children, she’d been embarrassed all her life by not being able to read. Jen overcame her concerns through learning with Turning Pages, and is now looking forward to reading with her children and ‘seeing them smile’.

Learning to read is a brilliant thing, it...

  • helps people positively change their lives
  • is a gateway to new possibilities
  • helps create and nurture relationships
  • can bring joy, as well as helping people 'get by'

Co-created by literacy specialists for, and with, adult learners, Turning Pages has been used by thousands of learners since its launch in June 2015.

An academic review by Birmingham City University has shown its effectiveness in helping adults become readers, even if they've never read a word before.

How Turning Pages works


Turning Pages is a set of 5 friendly, structured manuals that use a synthetic phonics approach.

Usually a person who can read (the mentor or reading coach) works through the Turning Pages manuals with a person who wants to learn to read (the learner).

No specialist training is needed to be a mentor or reading coach; they just need regular, short amounts of time to spend with their learner. Plus learning can take place anytime and anywhere to fit in with everyday life.

Learners build and practise their skills working through a range of different activities. There are 3 progress checks built into each manual, so learners and mentors can be confident the new skills have been embedded. As these progress checks are completed, Turning Pages reading books become available. These have been written to match the reading skills learners have covered, so there's the chance to put their new skills into action and they can experience the joy of reading for pleasure from early on.

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Existing partnership agreements with community organisations and prisons include the provision of Turning Pages manuals.

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Turning Pages works because...

  • anyone who can read can support someone who wants to learn one to one
  • a learner can choose their own pace and there are no exams
  • learners see a real difference in their skills, often very quickly
  • learning is kept interesting through a range of interactive activities
  • progress checks encourage learners, and reading for pleasure is introduced early

Free resources

Turning Pages is a standalone resource, but we have some free resources to complement the reading manuals.