Volunteer with us

Prisoners teaching prisoners to read makes sense. But it's made possible by Shannon Trust volunteers who work with prison staff to advise, support and grow the reading plan in each prison.

Step 1 — Understanding our roles

Before completing this form please check:

  • that you're applying for an opportunity that is within easy reach for you.
  • you've read the role description.
  • you're available on the training dates.

And confirm: 

  • you're able to commit to volunteering for a minimum of two years.
  • you have the available time for the role.
  • your understand that completion of training is a requirement.
  • you understand that volunteering is subject to successful completion of NOMS Security vetting and that if you have previous convictions you'll need to disclose them as part of the vetting process.
  • you have read 'Volunteering FAQs'

Next step

Next, we need to know what role you're interested in, and collect a few of your personal details.

Application process
  • 1. Understanding our roles
  • 2. Some basic details
  • 3. Tell us about yourself
  • 4. Declarations
  • 5. Equal opportunities
  • 6. Wait to hear from us