Fundraise from home

Take on a challenge, host an event, or fundraise however you like for Shannon Trust!

Prison can be a scary and lonely experience - it is even worse for those who can’t read a letter from a loved one for comfort, or lose themselves in a book. All amounts raised, great or small, make a real difference to people in prison. It builds confidence and aspiration, setting them up for a brighter future when they leave.

Some ideas to inspire you:

·       Virtual book club – Set up a virtual book club and donate the money you’d normally spend on drinks or snacks at a ‘real life’ get together. Why not start with the Invisible Crying Tree, available on Amazon here? It's part of Shannon Trust's history!

·       Donate your commute – Working from home? You could donate the cost of your daily commute for a week or a month!

·       Give in celebration – It’s easy to set up a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday, wedding or anniversary.

·       26 letters – Walk, run or cycle one mile for every letter of the alphabet. Do it all at once, or over the course of a month, and you’ll have completed almost a marathon distance. Set up a fundraising page, and ask family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

·       Quiz night - Organise a quiz and ask everyone who joins to donate £2 to Shannon Trust

·       Plant race - Choose your favourite plant and ask friends to sow seeds at the same time. Ask them for a £2 donation to take part in the race! Decide how you’ll choose the winner - maybe the first to bloom, or the tallest - by a set date. The winner keeps half the money and you donate the other half to Shannon Trust.

·       Skill-share – Our mentors teach learners to read. What skills do you have that you could teach others? Host an online class, round up some family and friends to participate, and ask them to donate a fee.

·      De-clutter your clobber - Take to your cupboards and wardrobes to gather your clutter together. Sell it online and donate the money you make. Not only are you helping Shannon Trust, but you’re helping others to shop sustainably and find a hidden gem!

We love hearing how people are supporting us.

Please contact us at to let us know what you’re up to, and so we can support you!


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