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'No one is a criminal and nothing else.'

William Payne, Shannon Trust Trustee
3 November 2017

I was fortunate: my education nurtured a love of books and an interest in the written word. I cannot imagine being unable to read, but it is well known that it severely reduces your life chances.

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Helping make informed choices

2 October 2017

A prison governor recently told us how the Reading Plan is crucial to the foreign national men in his prison. He explained how learning to read 'helps the men here make informed choices about their futures' as they deal with the complexity of their situation, their futures and their day-to-day lives.

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Reading: a crucial part of family life

1 September 2017

This summer saw the publication of the final report of Lord Farmer’s review. The report, commissioned by the Secretary of State in 2016, looked at how supporting men in prison to maintain or improve families ties while in custody gives them a better chance of not returning. There’s a raft of evidence that staying in touch with family and supportive friends reduces the risk of reoffending.

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Shannon Trust wins Action for Equity Award

12 June 2017

Shannon Trust is delighted to be awarded the first Action for Equity Award for combatting inequalities through the Reading Plan. The Action for Equity Award, part of the Atlantic Fellows programme for Social and Economic Equity, based at the London School of Economics and Political Science, seeks to champion and support the ongoing work of charities who are working to address major inequalities in society.

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